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Online ordering of Contact Lenses Through our Office:

Online Contact Lens Order

Sign up for an individual vision plan (via Vision Service Plan)

Flexible Spending:  The FSAStore is the only one-stop-shop stocked exclusively with FSA-eligible products so there are no guessing games as to what is and isn't reimbursable.  The site clearly identifies OTC items which are eligible vs. ones that require a doctor's prescription. 

Recommended Cleaning and Disinfection Lens Solutions for Soft Contact Lenses


Recommended Cleaning and Disinfection Lens Solutions for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

 $8.87  $8.87     UniqueProgent Use 088-413-V as a starter code

Recommended Contact Lens Rinsing Solutions


Recommended Rigid Gas permeable and Soft Contact Lens Re-wetting Drops


Recommended Eye Drops for Specific Eye Conditions


Inexpensive warm compresses for dry eyes and styes:

$8.95 $7.11                                                                                           (Prices Last Checked 6/9/2020)